Guardians of the Chosen

"Do not steal from your kin, strike your kin unprovoked, or murder your kin. Do not break your word. Honor your superiors and do your duty to your House. Respect the teachings of the Tribunal. Defend your House, your People, and your Honor. If you fail in these things, you will be cast out. If you fail twice, you will be cast out with no chance of regaining your honor."


A place to share your stories oocly and icly. We will use our forum for many ic interactions to achieve a more immersive state of roleplay.


All of the events that we want you to participate in will be listed here. This will include some events not hosted by GOTC.


OOC and IC rules are listed here as well as our IC ranks explained and how to progress to promotions for each rank.

Rules and Ranks

Rules and Application to Join Guild

Please REGISTER on the menu if you want to participate in the guild forum.

Tribunal Library

A library of books for our faithful Redoran. Study wisely.

Tribunal Library

Your Leaders

Kinship itself is not necessarily defined by blood relations, but one’s prestige and skill.

Adisle is your Councilwoman and House Mother. She is there to lead and guide you as you develop your characters lives and stories.

House Redoran Adisle Llethri


Rathis is Captain of the Guard. He is here to lead and guide you as well. He is a consistent support to all those who need direction when playing.

House Redoran Rathis Rovayn


Contact us

If you have any questions for the leadership team please do not hesitate to contact us.