About Us


Guardians of the Chosen is a Traditional House Redoran Roleplay Guild

Who We Are

Guardians of the Chosen is a traditional Redoran guild.

The focus of Guardians of the Chosen is to maintain the traditions of the settled Dunmer. This means they learn the way of the warrior. As a Redoran your duty is first to the Tribunal Temple, second to the Great House Redoran, and third to your family and clan.

“Great House Redoran praises all the skills of war. Not because we believe war is good or honourable in it’s own right, but because this knowledge is necessary to perform one’s duty. House Redoran’s warrior fight with a long blade and a shield or with a spear. A noble of House Redoran must also learn to use a bow and must be athletic enough for the long marches to battle. A Redoran wears heavy or medium armour depending on rank and strategy. A noble of House Redoran is expected to know how to repair and maintain his own armour.”―The True Noble’s Code

“House Redoran prizes the virtues of duty, gravity, and piety. Duty is to one’s own honor, and to one’s family and clan. Gravity is the essential seriousness of life. Life is hard, and events must be judged, endured, and reflected upon with due care and earnestness. Piety is respect for the gods, and the virtues they represent. A light, careless life is not worth living”. — Great Houses of Morrowind

What We Do

We ally with the Tribunal Temple to provide support defending the Tribunal when needed. We learn the arts of war as previously stated. We defend the borders of Morrowind against danger and infiltration. We learn of Almsivi and seek their wisdom in all that we do. We live day to day in the ever watchful gaze of those perfect beings, living Gods of all Nirn.


If you find yourself welcomed into House Redoran, you will be held to a standard, as all members must be. This standard, however, is strict. We expect you only to give your fellow Redoran mutual respect and consideration, and to listen to simple directions, given by leadership.

Attendance to most events not mandatory, but is encouraged. If you are a member of a certain discipline then you will need to clear your absence with your presiding officer. You can expect to have at least one event relating to your place in the community, as well as many community events. Please use our website to help further your involvement in our community and home.

If ever you have a way that we can serve ALMSIVI and gain honor please feel free to share!

RP Style

We are a Heavy Roleplay guild dedicated to character development. Expect consequences for your character’s roleplay actions. Ranks are achieved through participation, and participation ONLY. We allow Kinsman rank and up to DM smaller events for the guild at large.