Guild Application


Guild Application

In terms of the guild bank, no stealing. It’s not nice and we will find out about it, because we
do check the bank. We will ask questions when we notice something has been removed.

If you are offline for longer than 2 months, then you will be kicked from this guild at our
convenience. If you are inactive with your Guardian of the Chosen character or MIA from guild
RP for longer than 2 months without a Noted Absence, you will be demoted back down to
Associate. We know real life happens, but please keep in contact with us so it doesn’t hold up
the fun for anyone else in the guild.

The guild leadership have the right to change rules, remove members, and otherwise handle
guild affairs as they see fit if it is in the best interest of the guild. You may appeal if you
believe that their ruling or an issue of management of the guild is not in its best interest. We
also reserve the right to call each other out if we feel someone is breaking a rule. If you want
to argue against this, we may suggest you sleep on our decisions (guild leaders may also do
this to one another, we aren’t perfect!) before we continue a conversation. Tensions can run
high, and no one will blame you for getting frustrated, but we have to try to keep a level
head when making decisions.

We will not tolerate talk that is racist/sexist/classist/ableist (whatever ist you can think of)
out of character. We want everyone to feel safe and that they can have fun here, so being
intentionally mean or aggressive out of character won’t work for us. If your character is a
jerk, and is racist, that’s perfectly acceptable (Dunmer are quite known for their
xenophobia), but please, keep it in character.

In the event of Noted Absences, please directly contact the Guild Leadership (@matbarliabri,
@Leenene) either in game or in Discord.

We do not tolerate god-modding, trolling or meta-playing. You cannot know everything/
always make the right decision. You may be challenged to justify your character’s presence/
abilities in an RP. Plausible realism (within the confines of fantasy) is part of the fun in
roleplay, and we want to maintain that.

A good grasp of English is requested, we’re not asking for perfection.

During RP, keep OOC comments to a minimum. Use /group, /tell or /guild# if you want to
have a conversation.

If there is a situation such as a long term character story-line or brutal character development
(e.g. loss of limbs, extreme transformation, apprenticeship or slavery) OOC consent must be

Mature RP happens, and we do not endorse nor tolerate public ERP*. Keep that to your
homesteads, folks. *ERP is Erotic Roleplay or Sexual Content

In regards to hirelings, We have a RP activity rule on their Redoran main. Should there be no
activity for one month, they will be demoted to Associate.

Should a Redoran main be found to have a conflict of interest that wasn’t previously disclosed
or develops of conflict of interest then they may be demoted down to affiliate. This includes
other Redoran affiliations. Expect IC consequences for IC actions. We do not generally allow
retconning IC actions. Retcon must be requested to an officer and must only be used if the
situation is affecting your personal wellbeing.

Should a personal Roleplay get in the way or attempt to impede Guild Event attendance, the
responsibility lies solely with the character in question and the roleplayer.

This Guild operates on an Innocent until proven guilty policy. We will require evidence before
we begin an investigation.

All Appeals must be done directly, No Third Parties (such as friends, other guilds, or non
members) unless considered to be involved in the issue at hand by the guild leadership.
If the situation demands an immediate action to be taken or overwhelming evidence has been
given action will be taken immediately.

Expect your character to grow and change in this guild. We are very focused on character development, and our roleplay will often involve characters facing ethical dilemmas that may change them. If you are happy with your character as is, and do not want them to change their views, perspectives, or morals, this isn’t the guild for you.