House Redoran


About House Redoran

“House Redoran honors strength and endurance. We value all the skills of war, but especially the arts of long blade, spear, blocking, marksmanship, and athletics. Redorans must know how to use and repair heavy and medium armor. Only when armed with these skills can we perform our inherited duties as the warriors and defenders of the Dunmer.”*

“Do not steal from your kin, strike your kin unprovoked, or murder your kin. Do not break your word. Honor your superiors and do your duty to your House. Respect the teachings of the Tribunal. Defend your House, your People, and your Honor. If you fail in these things, you will be cast out. If you fail twice, you will be cast out with no chance of regaining your honor.”*

This is the oath you must take to join House Redoran.

*Imperial Library